A Chapman graduate degree could make all the difference in your career.  Professionals holding graduate degrees earn, on average, 20 percent more than those with only an undergraduate degree.

Set yourself apart and supplement your already-valuable bachelor’s with a master’s degree.  Learn more about the wide array of graduate programs Schmid College of Science and Technology has to offer.  Explore online and plan to attend the Graduate Programs Fair on:

Thursday, March 14, from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Attallah Piazza.

Current programs include:

• MS Food Science
• 4+1 Integrated MS Food Science
• MBA/MS Food Science
• MS Health & Strategic Communication
• 4+1 Integrated MS Health & Strategic Communication
• MA Marriage and Family Therapy
• MS Hazards, Global and Environmental Change
• 4+1 Integrated MS Hazards, Global and Environmental Change
• MS Computational Sciences
• 4+1 Integrated MS Computational Sciences
• Ph.D. Computational Sciences
• Doctor of Physical Therapy