Chapman Senior, Nathan Lawless, achieves high score at the annual Putnam Mathematics Competition.

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is an annual contest that tests some of the brightest mathematics students from colleges across the nation.  The competition takes place each year on the first Saturday in December, where over 2000 college students spend 6 hours trying to solve 12 problems.

At the competition, senior Mathematics and Biochemistry major Nathan Lawless achieved a score of 20 points.  This is the highest score ever attained by a Chapman student and also doubles the previous highest score.  Throughout the years, Chapman has had only two non-zero scores of 1 and 10 points.  More than 50% of the approximately 4500 participants this year had a score of 0.  Nathan was just a few points short of the top 10% finish.  Let’s congratulate Nathan on this great achievement!  Way to go Nathan!