Chapman University Institute for Quantum Studies directors Dr. Jeff Tollaksen and Dr. Yakir Aharonov listen to Dr. Francois Englert during a visit to the Quantumhaus in Laguna Beach, CA.

We’re thrilled to announce that Dr. François Englert (currently affiliated with the
Institute for Quantum Studies
) has received the
Citation Laureate
title from Thomson Reuters. Citation Laureates are researchers who are selected,
through quantitative analysis
, as those most likely to receive a Nobel Prize.

Englert’s research revolves around statistical physics, quantum field theory, cosmology, string theory and supergravity.  He has been previously awarded the 2010
J. J. Sakurai Prize for Theoretical Particle Physics
, the
Wolf Prize in Physics
in 2004, and the High Energy and Particle Prize of the
European Physical Society

“As a previous winner of the Thomson-Reuters Citation Laureate award, and as a friend and collaborator, I’d like to congratulate François and wish him the very best.” -Dr. Yakir Aharonov, Co-Director, Institute for Quantum Studies.

We would also like to wish François the best! Read more details from the
official press release.


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