In March, Chapman’s Student Philanthropy Initiative held its annual Thank-A-Donor event, which over the course of three days gave students the opportunity to hand-write thank you notes to alumni donors. During this event, Chapman students from all colleges got a chance to show alumni donors the impact of their generosity and demonstrate how this generosity is what makes the Chapman experience exceptional.

Over 1,000 personalized thank you notes were written by students. Below are examples of the appreciation Schmid College students sent out to alumni donors.

“…I am a biology major who has been greatly impacted by all the wonderful opportunities Chapman provides. Through Schmid College, I am able to perform research on prostate cancer. I am truly  appreciative of donors… who make these opportunities possible.” — Biological Sciences student

“…I was recently informed that I have been accepted to medical school and will be able to live out my dream of pursuing a medical degree and devoting my life to he health of children. I owe this accomplishment and privilege entirely to the undergraduate education that your generosity has helped provide. Again, thank you.” — Biochemistry and Molecular Biology student

“…Without people like you, I would never be able to to be here at Chapman, fulfilling my dream of becoming a doctor. I’m the… first generation in my family to graduate college… I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your donation.” — Biological Sciences student

“…You are truly making a difference in the lives of many students working hard toward their education… Thank you for making a dream come true to many.”Food Science student

“…It is because of people like you that Chapman is growing and becoming the wonderful school that it it. Without the generous support of our donors, I wouldn’t be able to attend Chapman. Again, thank you.”Health Sciences student

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