Alumnus Dor Shoshan and his family have much to celebrate. Dor graduated with honors in May from Chapman University’s Biological Sciences program. He received both the Outstanding Senior Award in Biological Science as well as the Ronald M. Huntington Award for Outstanding Scholarship representing the graduating senior with the most distinguished record of academic scholarship. He was one of eighty applicants accepted into medical school at The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix.

“Dor was always one of the best. He is a good guy with a heart of gold. I can’t imagine a better doctor than him,” says Dr. Melissa Rowland-Goldsmith, one of Dor’s professor’s and close mentor during his time at Chapman.


Dor with Dr. Melissa Rowland-Goldsmith.

Dor started working in laboratories on campus doing research with Schmid College of Science and Technology professor Dr. Christopher Kim as early as his second semester of his freshman year. He started working in Dr. Marco Bisoffi’s lab during the fall semester of his junior year. Dr.Bisoffi was new at Chapman University and was in need of devoted students to help him establish his laboratory and continue his research on prostate cancer. Dor was instrumental in these activities. Within four months of Dr. Bisoffi’s arrival, the research laboratory was established, Dor worked on his project and generated data, which he first presented at the University of California Irvine Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Retreat in Palm Springs, then published his studies in a leading Journal of Biomedical Research.


Dor practicing suturing skills on synthetic human skin.

When he wasn’t in laboratories doing research, Dor was involved with many campus clubs, “Dor had a well-rounded Chapman experience” says Dr. Rowland-Goldsmith. During his time at Chapman, Dor never lost sight of his goal: attending medical school. Dr. Rowland-Goldsmith and her husband, Glen, joined Dor’s parents, Avi and Tiranit, this past July to celebrate the start of his new academic journey at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine’s white coat ceremony held at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Phoenix.

Dor Shoshman, '15, at the University of Arizona

Dor with his parents Avi and Tiranit Shoshan at the white coat ceremony in Phoenix.

During the ceremony, Dor and his classmates listened to keynote speaker Francisco A.R. García, M.D., M.P.H., Director and Chief Medical Officer of the Pima County Department of Health in Tucson, discuss the importance of the humanistic aspect of medicine and treating all people with dignity. Faculty members joined the Dean of the medical school to present Dor with his white coat, book and a stethoscope that symbolizes the commitment to providing compassionate and competent patient care.

Dor’s warmth and compassion are celebrated by his friends and mentors here at Chapman. We congratulate him and wish him much success at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix.


Dor receiving a book and stethoscope from the dean of the University of Arizona, College of Medicine-Phoenix, Dr. Stuart D. Flynn.

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