Paper Acceptances & Publications

Justin Dressel, PhD

Journal: Physical Review A
Title: Qubit measurement error from coupling with a detuned neighbor in circuit QED
Authors: M. Khezri, J. Dressel, A. N. Korotkov
Collaborations: UC Riverside, Chapman U
Published: 11/5/2015
Abstract: In modern circuit QED architectures, superconducting transmon qubits are measurement via the state-dependent phase and amplitude shift of a microwave field leaking from a coupled resonator. Determining this shift requires integrating the field quadratures for a nonzero duration, which can permit unwanted concurrent evolution. Here we investigate such dynamical degradation of the measurement fidelity caused by a detuned neighboring qubit. We find that in realistic parameter regimes, where the qubit ensemble-dephasing rate is slower than the qubit-qubit detuning, the joint qubit-qubit eigenstates are better discriminated by measurement than the bare states. Furthermore, we show that when the resonator leaks much more slowly than the qubit-qubit detuning, the measurement tracks the joint eigenstates nearly adiabatically. However, the measurement process also causes rare quantum jumps between the eigenstates. The rate of these jumps becomes significant if the resonator decay is comparable to or faster than the qubit-qubit detuning, thus significantly degrading the measurement fidelity in a manner reminiscent of energy relaxation processes.

Jennifer L. Funk, PhD

Larson JE, Funk JL (2016) Seedling root responses to soil moisture and the identification of a belowground trait spectrum across three growth forms. New Phytologist 10.1111/nph.13829 pdf

Funk JL, Standish RJ, Stock WD, Valladares F (2016) Plant functional traits of dominant native and invasive species in Mediterranean-climate ecosystems. Ecology 97:75-83 pdf

Madliger CL, Cooke SJ, Crespi EJ, Funk JL, Hultine KR, Hunt KE, Rohr JR, Sinclair BJ, Suski CD, Willis CKR, Love OP (2016) Success stories and emerging themes in conservation physiology. Conservation Physiology 4: doi: 10.1093/conphys/cov057

Funk has also received a one-year sabbatical grant of $69,000 from the USDA (official start date February 1, 2016). For this project, she traveled to New Zealand to work with Dr. Daniel Laughlin.

Peter Jipsen, PhD

Jipsen and M. A. Moshier, Concurrent Kleene algebra with tests and branching automata, Journal of Logical and Algebraic Methods in Programming, (2016)

Seung Hee Kim, PhD

Myoung, Boksoon, Seung Hee Kim, Jinwon Kim, and Menas C. Kafatos 2015: On the relationship between the North Atlantic Oscillation and early warm season temperatures in the southwestern US. 28, 5683-5698, Journal of Climate.

Kim, Seung Hee, Jinwon Kim, Rovert Walko, Boksoon Myoung, David Stack, and Menas Kafatos 2015: Climate Change Impacts on Maize-yield Potential in the Southwestern United States. pp. 279-280 Procedia Environmental Sciences.

David Medvigy, Seung Hee Kim, Jinwon Kim, Menas C. Kafato 2015: Dynamically downscaling predictions for deciduous tree leaf emergence in California under current and future climate. 1-10, International Journal of Biometeorology.

Atanas Radenski, PhD

Simon, Alison Clear, Janet Carter, Gerry Cross, Atanas Radenski, Liviana Tudor, and Eno Tõnisson. 2015. What’s in a Name?: International Interpretations of Computing Education Terminology. In Proceedings of the 2015 ITiCSE on Working Group Reports (ITICSE-WGR ’15). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 173-186. DOI=

This paper is the result of an international collaboration within a working group in Vilnius, Lithuania in July 2015, including scholars from the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Estonia and Romania. Radenski’s participation was sponsored by Schmid College of Science and Technology.

Presentations at Upcoming Conferences & Meetings

Georgiana Bostean, PhD

Pacific Sociological Association
Mar. 31-April 2 in Oakland, CA: Bostean will be presenting along with a few of her Schmid College student researchers.

ESRI Education GIS Conference 2016
Jun. 25-28 in San Diego,CA: presenter

Justin Dressel, PhD

American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting
Mar. 14-18 in Baltimore, MD: Talk entitled “How zero light intensity can exert a nonzero force on a charged particle”

Rosalee Hellberg, PhD

2016 Meeting of the Pacific Fisheries Technologists
Feb. 21-24 in Blaine, WA: Poster presentation on a research study entitled “Comparison of DNA barcoding methodologies for the identification of fish species in consumer complaint samples”

2016 National Conference for the Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology
Feb. 22 in Burnaby, BC, Canada: Invited talk entitled “Detection of Meat Species Mislabeling on the Commercial Market using DNA-based Methods” as part of a workshop on Food Fraud and Adulteration.

Peter Jipsen, PhD

Unified Correspondence
Feb. 15-19 at the Lorentz Center, University of Leiden in The Netherlands: invited speaker of talk entitled the title is “Residuated lattices, Kripke semantics and correspondence”. Abstract

Christopher S. Kim, PhD

251st American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition
Mar. 13-17 in San Diego, CA:

  • Presenting two talks:
    • “Effects of aggregation, ligand complexation and time on metal adsorption/retention to iron oxyhydroxide nanoparticles” during the Geochemical Reactivity of Nanoparticles, Aggregates, Coatings & Organo-Nanoparticulate Flocculates session, which he will also chair.
    • “Enhanced distribution and bioavailability of arsenic as an outcome of gold mining processes” during the Environmental Consequences of Resource Development session.
  • Four (4) of his students, including Brandon Lamb and Anthony Torossian, will present posters

Matthew S. Leifer, PhD

Southern California Philosophy of Physics Meeting
Mar. 5 @ 3:00 p.m. in the UC Irvine Social Sciences Tower, room 777: talk entitled “Does time symmetry imply retrocausality? The meaning of temporal Bell inequalities”

More News!

William G. Wright, PhD

Organized The Winter Conference on Animal Learning and Behavior (WCALB)- the 38th such meeting- in Colorado January 16-23, 2016.  He and Walter H. Piper, PhD, attended and presented their work::

  • “Effect of Global Warming on Behavior” (Wright)
  • “Terminal Investment Hypothesis” (Piper)