A Chapman University team is a finalist in the U.S. Department of Energy, Center for Advanced Energy Studies, and Idaho National Laboratory’s Geothermal Design Challenge!


Team Orange Magma members, Lotus Thai and Kyvan Elep

Team Orange Magma consists of two students – Kyvan Elep ’17 and Lotus Thai ’17. Kyvan is an Environmental Science & Policy major with a minor in Secondary Education and Business. Lotus is a Business Administration and Environmental Science & Policy double major with a minor in Political Science. Together, we have designed an infographic to illustrate the benefits of geothermal energy.

The competition, which started out with 109 teams, has been narrowed down to 11 finalists competing for a cash prize and trip to Washington D.C.. For the final week of the competition, we have been tasked to promote our infographic and its message through different social media platforms.

“As ES&P majors, we are educated on the technical and complicated aspects of renewable energy. That’s the easy part. The hard part is communicating what we learn in a palatable way for the community to understand,” Lotus said when asked how this competition is different that others.

Our infographic illustrates geothermal energy’s large potential in the United States and how it can redefine our future energy portfolio.


Team Orange Magma’s Infographic Submission

“Not only does our infographic tell the story about geothermal technology, it ends with a comparison of renewable energies. We wanted to include this part because we believe it will take a combined effort of resources to shift away from fossil fuels,” stated Kyvan.

Being able to participate in this competition has given us the opportunity to apply our majors in unique and newly emerging ways using research techniques, graphic designing, and marketing campaigns. As finalists, we have been talking to social media specialists, working and being advised by the U.S. Department of Energy and its partners, and networking with Chapman’s diverse faculty and students.

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Thank you from the mantle of the earth! We greatly appreciate your support!

Peace, Love, and Hot Orange Magma.