STEM students! You have access to NUMEROUS resources for exploring experiential learning opportunities, sample research resumes or CVs, and more!

How To Find Resources

This is your main handshake page. Click on “Career Center” (highlighted in image below).

Click on “Resources”.  You will be brought to a long list of resources for different cultural groups, majors, and career topics. To find resources specific for STEM students, type in STEM.

Explore the extensive list of resources available to you!

Recommended Resources

If you click on some of the resources above, this will help assist you in your initial search. For my undergrads, I highly recommend reviewing your 4-year plan and making an appointment with me to discuss how you I can help support you in your progress in light of these current circumstances. For grads and undergrads alike, review and update your resume or CV. Once you click on the respective link above, you will see numerous samples attached (example below).