Studying for science courses can seem difficult and daunting, but SSLC member Nayiri Alexander ’22 gave us some helpful tips on how to prepare for the upcoming finals season!
General Studying Tips:
  • Study in increments

    • Use timers and put everything distracting (cell phones) away during that time

      • Pomodoro method

    • Focus on active recall

    • Try practice problems without looking at any other materials

      • This will help you identify gaps in knowledge

      • Replicating the test environment will also alleviate test anxiety

    • Make your studying painful so you are prepared for your exam!

    • Stay away from passive activities (re-reading notes, highlighting)

  • Stay up to date with the coursework

    • Do not wait until last minute to learn things you did not understand in class

    • Plan ahead and make a schedule

    • Go to office hours and SI sessions

How to Create the Ideal Study Space:

  1. Evaluate your personality and preferences. Discover whether you are vulnerable to noise and other distractions.

  2. Identify the space and claim it. Your bedroom may or may not be the best place to study.

  3. If you study in a group keep it small and productive. Quiz each other! Put your notes away and grill each other on the content.

Week of Finals:

Tools to get through finals:

  1. Make a schedule of when your classes have finals, keep in mind that some classes (labs) may have finals the week before or others (GCI) have final projects

  2. Start studying 1-2 weeks in advance: small chunks each day

  3. Use resources like study guides, practice exams, go over the class’s past tests/quizzes

  4. Attend review sessions

How are finals different from midterms?

  • No class meetings!

  • Make use of the extra time you have during finals week to study or destress

  • BUT you won’t see your professors that week…ask any questions you have before or email them as soon as you can

Good luck with all of your finals Schmidsters! Be sure to breathe, relax, and do your best!