On Thursday June 2nd, Chapman University hosted the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair (OCSEF) and Mentor Match program for local high school students across Orange County to present their science projects they had worked on in conjunction with their mentors. With over 150 student presenters, the fair celebrated students from the past three years at their first in-person event since 2019.



Assistant Director of External Relations Dr. Elaine Schwartz, long time advocate for the OCSEF program, gave the keynote address to students and attendees. “The OCSEF-UCI CalTeach Mentor Match Program night was electric! With cheers of comradery for one another’s achievements and appreciation for their mentors, the impact of this program on the students of Santiago and Westminster High Schools was palpable. I was so impressed by the students’ research findings and their enthusiastic and articulate depiction of their work. Congratulations to all of the emerging scientists and mentors in this amazing program,” said Schwartz.


Assistant Professor and Program Advisor for Biological Sciences Dr. Jeremey Hsu recently joined the board of directors for the OCSEF program and invited the program to Chapman University for this year’s fair. “The energy from the students was incredible! It was so wonderful seeing their STEM projects and having this opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments, and thank all the mentors who have volunteered their time and energy to promote STEM in our local community,” said Hsu.