The Undergraduate Faculty Mentor Directory was created to provide undergraduate students with a complete guide of faculty interested in mentoring students for research or creative activity. The goal of this project is to present students with potential mentors across various disciplines in the hopes that they can find one that fits their specific research/creative interests. In the current stage, the directory has representatives from each of the nine different colleges that hold all of our undergraduate students along with faculty from our graduate Pharmacy school. Students are also recommended to navigate through the directory in areas outside of their expertise. Working across disciplines may help spark new passions or gain skills not obtainable in their specialties.

Shun Kato (’21) B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

This tool should benefit students of all ages, especially those in their first and second years just starting out their research journeys. Chapman alumni Shun Kato (‘21) reflects on his experience looking for a faculty mentor during his 1st year, “I remember having a lot of conversations with faculty during my 1st year about their research and to be completely honest, a lot of it flew over my head due to the complexity of their work, or they simply weren’t looking to add students to their lab at the time. This directory allows students to narrow down the professors they want to have those conversations with based on their research interests. Additionally, it gives students the assurance that the faculty is mutually interested in having them join their lab as well.”

Rebecca  Tukachinsky Forster, Ph.D. School of Communications

Faculty have also voiced their concerns with the previous process of students finding a mentor. “In the past, matching students and faculty mentors with similar interests, needs, and goals was a little tricky. A lot was left to luck – taking the right class with the right professor at the right time.” Dr. Rebecca Tukachinsky Forster from the School of Communication says. “Faculty had few opportunities to reach out to students beyond their classes. At the same time, students had no systematic way to search for research opportunities and had to make cold calls, which is not only inefficient but also can be intimidating.”

Students and faculty are thrilled about this new and exciting opportunity to meet one another through the all-in-one platform. CUE hopes that this directory can continue in years to come as an organized and more efficient way for students to embark on their research journey.


Full access to the Undergraduate Faculty Mentor Directory can be found here.

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