While studying abroad on the train in Madrid, I wanted to share the amazing experiences I was having in Spain by sending snippets of music my friends and I normally listen to back in California; however I could not find an efficient way to do so. Returning to the states full of inspiration, I set out to build a platform that enables people to express themselves with their favorite portions of music, movies, film and sports content.

Soon I joined The Design Accelerator, hosted at Idealab in Pasadena and developed the proprietary user experience and technology for what ultimately became “Beatshare”. Afterword, I joined Chapman’s Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship, where I won the 2015 Chapman Business Plan Competition and went on to secure second place at the California Dreamin’ National Business Plan competition out of over 1,000 entrants from universities around the country. This award then led to a financing round where Beatshare raised $1.5M to build out the technology, team, and bring the initial products onto market.

Beatshare is a fun, cool, and new way for people to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions. It goes beyond emoji’s, stickers, and gifs allowing users to send and receive portions of music from any major music platform, including Apple Music, Spotify or Soundcloud music library.

As a user, you can choose any part of the song that best fits the emotion or moment you wish to express, and send it along with a picture or video. The platform is truly unique due to the wide variety of music to choose from; customization available to pick any portion of the song; and ability for the recipient to access the actual music as opposed to an external link.

Beatshare is available to download for iOS on the App Store and if you are an iMessage user, you can install Beatshare from the new iMessage App store, sending “beats” without ever leaving your iMessage conversation thread!

In 2017, Beatshare is looking to add the ability to send portions of music videos, film/TV and sports content to the user experience. Imagine: sending your buddies a clip of Antonio Brown’s touchdown pass and watching him do “the touchdown dance”; sharing a scene from your girlfriend’s favorite Disney movie; highlighting a World Series game moment to your sports team group messaging thread; and more! The possibilities are endless…

Give Beatshare a try! Download the app today:

Beatshare for iOS: bit.ly/beatshare

Beatshare for iMessage: bit.ly/beatimsg