Niklas Myhr in Monaco

via @niklasmyhr/Instagram

Year two of the Monaco Digital Advisory Council (MDAC) kicked off in late 2019 when Professor Niklas Myhr again traveled to Monaco for the Council’s yearly in-person meetings. The key focus of the session was how digital technology can help to open a new chapter of economic prosperity for Monaco. Council members work to determine solutions to digital issues faced by the country.

The MDAC added a few new members going into year two, but the bulk of the Council is returning, helping them advance the initiatives put into place in year one. During the MDAC’s first year more than 30 initiatives were introduced by the Council to progress Monaco’s digital transition. These initiatives include an investment in coding lessons for Monegasque schoolchildren, cryptocurrency regulations and platforms, 5G coverage and more.

MDAC group

via @niklasmyhr/Instagram

Outside of the yearly physical meetings, the group convened digitally to move the objectives of the MDAC forward. Monaco currently boasts nationwide 5G network coverage, the next generation of wireless cellular networks. Having 5G available will allow the country to provide public benefits like transportation, health and safety services in a more reliable way. Monaco hopes to be a leader in this space, showing other countries what is possible with nationwide coverage, and the MDAC is confident that investment in digital growth will promote the country’s development.

Moanco is positioned to become a digital leader, using the MDAC to shape its future around advantageous sectors that have been identified. Professor Myhr is excited to continue as part of the council and work with many world-renowned experts on the #ExtendedMonaco program.