Name: Prahita Magal

Qualification: Bachelor of Business Administration

Graduation date: Spring 2023

Tell us about yourself and your desired career path.

My name is Prahita Magal, I’m a junior-transfer student and this is my second semester at Chapman. I’m majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Analytics, and I expect to graduate next spring.

The Data Analytics Accelerator has been an integral part of my transition to the Chapman Community and, I believe, my path to my career as a Data Analyst.

How have you utilized the Data Analytics Accelerator in your time here at Chapman? Which courses have proven most effective or have provided the most help in your courses or internships?

I believe that the Data Analytics Accelerator and access to Udemy have been key to opening the door to more opportunities, which is the way I’ve been utilizing the platform. I’m focusing on really getting down my basics with SQL and other programming languages through Udemy. For example, I am currently enrolled in a Python for Finance course so that I can strengthen my foundation in Python. However, I also see it broadening my opportunities in terms of the area of Data Analytics I would want to go into. That’s my favorite part about the Data Analytics Accelerator – there are a variety of disciplines the courses supplement while focusing on improving your technical skills!

The Data Analytics Accelerator and access to Udemy is not only something I’ve been using to better myself as a professional candidate, it’s also been a resource in providing help with the courses I’m enrolled in. I’m taking the R for Statistics and Data Science course as a supplement to my business analytics class and it’s helped reinforce the material we’ve covered in class.

How do you think you will continue to use Udemy?

My goal is to continue to use Udemy to strengthen my capabilities with programming languages and visualization tools! I feel that this will help me develop a competitive skill set to apply to internships and jobs in the future!

Any advice to students who have yet to access The Data Analytics Accelerator? Any tips on the platform?

For students who haven’t begun using the platform yet, I’d suggest getting started as soon as possible! Set small amounts of time per week or daily to progress through the courses.

For students already enrolled on the platform, I’d say explore around and see which courses interest you by topic or skill; this has been extremely helpful in making the courses exciting to do!

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