Finals. We all dread this last week of every semester. You get the minimum amount of sleep that is required to function. Drink the most amount of caffeine that your body can ingest. And you are so stressed that you want to pull your hair out. We have all been there or will be there at some point. No matter what subject you are studying, finals week is always a rough one. Here are some tips and tools that Chapman provides to help you get through those dreadful finals.

Tip #1: Chapman’s Tutoring, Learning & Testing Center (TLT)

We all need some extra help sometimes, and that’s okay. A majority of our stress level comes from not knowing everything that we should study for the big final. The TLT is a great place to go if you need a little extra help before finals week. This extra help will give you the confidence that you need to do well on your all of your exams. Make sure to go to the TLT the week before finals because they are typically closed the week of finals. Plan ahead! For more information visit the TLT webpage

Tip #2: Rent A Private Library Room

Personally, I  cannot study in my room, or my house because I  always get distracted by every little thing. Sometimes my roommates are being loud and distracting and I  need a quiet place to focus by myself. Luckily, the Leatherby Libraries gives students the opportunity to book a private library room for up to 4 hours. I like to take advantage of this opportunity because I always get so much done in that block of time. Make sure to schedule your booking in advance because rooms fill up very quickly. Also, when it comes time for you to check in for your room, make sure to be on time because they will give your room to someone else if you are late. Once your block of time is up, if you do not turn in your room’s key card back to the front desk on time, they will fine you. So watch your time! For more information visit The Leatherby Libraries room booking website

Tip #3: Student Psychological Counseling Services (SPCS)

Stress can have many different negative effects on your body and on your brain. If you are really struggling psychologically during finals week, I  strongly encourage visiting the Student Psychological Counseling Services office. Their goal is to  assess and support students’ psychological well-being as they pursue personal and academic goals. For more information visit

Tip #4: Meet With Your Professors

Visiting a professor’s office hours can honestly make or break your grade. It might take some getting used to, but meeting with your professors and discussing your grade and information on the final can help reduce your stress levels. Your professors are there to help you and they really want to see you succeed. It looks good on your part that you are taking time out of your schedule to meet with them. It reflects well on you because it shows that you care about your grade. If a professor’s office hours are not posted on their syllabus or on blackboard, then email them to set up a specific appointment. Do not be afraid to reach out to your professors, they are there to help you.

Tip #5: Yoga

Yoga combines physical and mental disciplines that may help you achieve peacefulness of body and mind. This can help you relax and manage stress and anxiety. The Student Union in Argyros Forum holds yoga classes weekly for students to attend and reduce their stress. For more information about what fitness options the union provides, visit

Tip #6: Midnight Breakfast

Midnight breakfast is always the highlight of my finals week. Now you might be thinking, who would want breakfast at midnight? Trust me, you will!  It actually starts at 10pm and ends at midnight. I guarantee that you will be up at that time anyway, so you might as well eat some free food. While you’re taking this study break you also get to watch some entertaining performances put on by Chapman campus clubs such as vocal groups and dance teams.

Tip #7: 24/7 Access To Buildings

Leatherby Libraries and Argyros Forum are open 24/7 during finals week. You won’t get kicked out if you are studying past midnight! If you don’t want to wake up your roommates you can stay at school and use Chapman’s wifi to Write your final papers and study for your exams. Some of the food providers on campus offer extended hours during finals week because they know students like to snack while they study.  For on-campus dining option hours, search their information on

Tip #8: Go To The Fitness Center

Often times, stress builds up inside of you and you need a way to release it without screaming your head off. A great way to release some stress is to head to the Fitness Center on campus. Personally, I  feel groggy and overwhelmed during finals week, so I really enjoy getting some cardio in to release some stress. For Fitness Center Hours and more information visit

Tip #9: Relax At The Residence Hall Pool

You’ve been working hard all week, you deserve to take a break for an hour or two and soak up some sun rays! What better way to relax than going to the pool right in the middle of all of the residence halls on campus? Located right next to the volleyball and basketball courts, you can grab your swimsuit and your towel and go relax at the pool! You can even bring a book to study while you lounge by the side of the pool. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Tip #10: Stay Healthy

During finals week you are under a lot of stress, not getting a lot of sleep, and probably drinking more caffeine than water. This is what my mom likes to call burning the candle at both ends. Often times your immune system can’t keep up with you and you end up getting sick. It never fails that I  get a cold every semester during finals week. If you even slightly feel a cold coming on, just head to the Health Services center. It’s walking distance from campus and they are always friendly. For more information visit

Good Luck! You can do it!