Our economic and physical environments have demonstrably changed, altering our vision of what the workplace looks like, how we go about accomplishing the tasks of work, and how employers recruit and on-board new employees. Some sectors are experiencing once in a lifetime challenges that present not insurmountable hurdles, but undoubtedly real obstacles. The people who will prevail are the most collaborative, inventive, resourceful, self-reliant, empathetic, courageous, and hardworking. Those who triumph over adversity do not just imagine how they fit into the new environment but also communicate exactly how they provide extraordinary value to organizations seeking not merely to remain viable but also thrive amid difficulty.

We are the School of Communication. You are our family. You are our community. Together, you with your unrelenting commitment to lay the most robust foundation for success, and our indefatigable faculty, administrators, and staff, alongside our generous, steadfast donors have all, unknowingly perhaps, been preparing all our lives to surmount the challenges presenting themselves now.

It is not hyperbole to say we have all lived every day of our lives for the ones ahead of us.

We are prepared for this once-in-lifetime call on our ingenuity and inner wisdom because we invested in the academic, social, and personal development that comes from our commitment to higher education. It inures to the benefit of our students, alumni, families, employers, non-profits, government, and society generally that the School of Communication curriculum builds proficiency in strategic and corporate communication, global communication and world languages, and health and strategic communication.

Perhaps the most valuable skills that empower our students, graduating seniors, and alumni are the ones they develop in every course and extracurricular activity, commencing with their entrance into Chapman University. Those skills are resilience, perseverance, patience, etiquette, flexibility, and self-management.

With all that, together as a community, we can look forward to the realization of our mutual commitment to creating working lives filled with meaningful, productive, satisfying, and lucrative jobs. Preparing for the future has been the mission of the School of Communication from the time you first chose to become a member of the Chapman University family. Your dedication, participation, and earned insights all bear fruit now. Your imminent and long-term gains will equal or surpass your intention for the educational journey you began with us.

Our students graduate work-ready. Our alumni succeed as they build their careers. Our parents remain the backbone of values and encouragement. Just as you continue to do your part in meeting the challenges of today and the unknowns of the future, the School of Communication is steadfast in our commitment to continue providing best in class guidance for our students, graduating class members, and alumni.

The future of work is bright because, together as a community, we stay committed to creatively finding and filling the best job opportunities with our superior candidates in this extraordinary time. In harmony with employers yearning to thrive, we are inventors and collaborators in the new world of work.

Next steps:

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