Edna Mode and I posing for a picture in California Adventure.

Hi! My name is Clayton Menta, and I am a current Sophomore majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Musical Theatre. I am so excited to be an active member on the Student Advisory Board, and I can’t wait to connect with more students within the School of Communication at Chapman University. I am passionate about helping my peers, because I believe every college student should feel supported and in charge of their education. Along with supporting others, I also enjoy meeting and collaborating with new people on a more interpersonal level. Friendships and support systems are needed now more than ever, so I can’t wait to meet all of you soon!

I grew up in Santa Clarita, California, but my family and I moved to Portland, Oregon when I was eleven years old. Fast-forward eight years, and I am back in southern California! I am a huge Disney fan and common beachgoer, so Oregon wasn’t really the place for me.

I chose to attend Chapman University because of the networking opportunities, beautiful location, and size of the student body. The professors at Chapman, especially in the School of Communication, truly care about their students’ futures and overall well-being, which is something that is not as prevalent at other college campuses. My experience as a Communication Studies major has been nothing but positive, and I am beyond ecstatic to share that positivity with other students looking to join this program. Another one of my passions is theatre. Ever since I was a young child, I was always drawn to performing on stage and entertaining audiences by singing, acting, and dancing. This love for musical theatre stuck with me all throughout high school, and now I am happy to say that I am officially part of the performing arts program in college.

My last musical before COVID-19. My high school did “Chicago!”

Communication and Musical Theatre have many parallels that I don’t think most people are aware of, such as the ensemble building skills needed to become successful in both of these fields. My experience working as a team in musicals has tremendously helped me as I transition into a leadership role in the School of Communication. Working efficiently and effectively in a group setting is so crucial for achieving common goals and building relationships, which is why I am even more motivated to work with others as we all navigate the uncertainties that come with being a college student during a pandemic.

I know the past two years have been strenuous on us all, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you need someone to talk to. I am always willing to lend an ear! The best way to reach me is at my Chapman email, menta@chapman.edu.