As a Chapman University Strategic and Corporate Communication major I have enjoyed the opportunity to take classes that are applicable to my post-graduation career goals, as well as concentrated courses that focus on specific industries that are of interest to me personally. COM 329 – Sports Communication, is a course that stands out as a class that fits both of those criteria. The curriculum not only gives students like me a strong foundation for practical communication in the field of sports but also provides a solid background for work outside the industry.

The breadth of topics covered in Sports Communication allows students to learn a broad base of information about careers with sports entities, ranging from being a reporter for a major league baseball team to managing a professional sports organization. The curriculum encourages students to immerse themselves in the subject matter through small groups that tackle and dissect topics that are then highlighted by real-life examples and/or personal stories. Through engaging and inclusive dialogues with instructors and hosted guests, students get a wide range of perspectives and practical applications for the subject matter.

As a sports fan and athlete my entire life, learning about a wide variety of professional opportunities in the sports industry through this particular course has been a highlight among the many courses that I’ve taken at Chapman. The most standout aspect of this class is the connections that our highly inspiring professor, Dr. Cameron McMullen, shared with the class through in-person and online interviews (when we couldn’t meet in person due to COVID-19). The weekly dialogue with sports professionals who shared their journeys and answered questions about their experiences were highlights of the course.

James Kang on a Zoom call with Sports Communication students.

One such individual we were introduced to in this class was James Kang. James attended Pitzer College, and then was drafted by the Boston Red Sox where he played in the minor leagues for three years. He went on to intern for the San Diego Padres, then became a scout for the Red Sox, and is now a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. His story is one of the most memorable that I’ve heard and I’m grateful for the ability to learn about his journey and that of others in the business that serve as inspiration for my own career path.

This upper division communication course at Chapman is truly one of the best in the major. With the mission to gain an understanding of different public relations and communications roles within the sports industry, hearing first hand from news reporters, coaches, and recruitment scouts helps set the stage for all that lies ahead with their own careers in communications.