The introduction post made to announce my role at the brokerage.

Hello! My name is Allison Harris. I am currently a Junior majoring in Strategic and Corporate Communication with a minor in Business Administration. For the Fall 2020 semester, I had a fantastic opportunity to intern for The Boutique Real Estate Group, located in Brea, CA. As a young girl, I was always fascinated with the concept of Real Estate. Being able to look and sell individualistic properties that would ultimately become someone’s cherished home. When it became time to find an internship, I thought experiencing a real estate agent was a perfect opportunity.

My internship experience at The Boutique Real Estate Group allowed me to find a passion and interest I would like to pursue as a career. Throughout the semester, I gained a much better understanding of “what a day in the life of a successful real estate agent” looks like. My mentor, Raj Qsar, graciously allowed me to shadow him through different daily tasks. On days I wasn’t able to shadow, you could usually find me in the office. At the office, I assisted in handling the back-end of the brokerage. Breaking up and sending contracts to filling out escrow calendars and preparing the weekly emails amazed me to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

My numerous communication courses helped me be successful in my position as the “Rising Star”. Specifically, my Group Communication course. In Real Estate, there is a process for everything, and it is essential to know that the paperwork/information is not attached to one person. Typically, many different individuals are copied on the email and contracts.

I was able to apply the skills and knowledge from Group Communication in order to effectively and professionally communicate in the workplace. It is no secret that we will have to work in groups as we journey together into different career paths. Being aware and understanding the importance of effective communication and etiquette in groups will allow for less conflict.

From my experience interning, I was able to gain a real-world understanding of what a job in real estate would entail. Prior to my internship, I was not sure if I wanted to pursue a career in Real Estate. This overall experience has taught me that in order to succeed in anything, it is important to be consistent and hard working, especially in real estate. The involvement allowed me to see my future self in this career ultimately.