Khiry Carter is a Communication Studies major and member of the School of Communication Student Advisory Board. The SAB advocates for the needs of students in the SoC by serving as the student voice to the administration and generating and implementing programs and initiatives designed to enhance the student experience within the School. Have questions, concerns, or ideas about the student experience in the School of Communication? Let him know! 

Hello everyone, my name is Khiry Carter.  I am currently a senior studying communication studies with a minor in leadership. My journey to Chapman University started while I was still a member of the United States Navy. My naval career enabled me to grow and face adversity through hard work and placing me in leadership positions. I traveled the world via aircraft carrier and visited five different countries. Upon finishing an eight-and-a-half-month deployment, I knew making a career out of the military was not something I wanted for myself. Though I had matured as a person, I was not ready to leave the military, so I enlisted for another four years and devised a plan that would enable me to live independently and focus on school and personal goals.

Upon arrival to my second and last command, I committed myself to saving and investing as much as I could in college. I enrolled at the University of Maryland University College, where I would eventually earn my associate’s degree while remaining on active duty. In my last year in the Navy, I began filling out applications for universities around the U.S. Upon being accepted, my initial choice was to attend Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. The amount of help I received from that staff here at Chapman was more than enough to change my decision. Every time I called, there was someone available with the right answers and the help I needed to transition from sailor to civilian.

My decision to pursue an education at Chapman has been fun and challenging. Since my first semester in August 2019, I have established amazing relationships with both professors and students. I chose to pursue Communication at Chapman to face my fear of public speaking and improve upon a set of skills that I believe are essential in pursuing my goals. I have had the support of my professors on this journey and fellow students, and these factors alone have made the journey worth it.  The small class sizes and comfort have allowed me to face my fears and challenge myself to the point of further growth.

This past fall semester, Dr. Bejerano recommended me for the opportunity of serving other students on the SoC Student Advisory Board. I relished this opportunity because I understood that this would be a chance for me to help other students. As a transfer and a veteran who has had to change my entire life and career path, I believe I have an understanding of what current and future students are facing. I am grateful for the journey at Chapman, and I am excited to serve future and current students as a member of the School of Communication Student Advisory Board.