E2AC is a non-profit storytelling organization that promotes equality and social justice through entertainment media.

My name is Khiry, and I am senior at Chapman majoring in communication studies with a cluster in leadership. This summer, I have been accepted as an intern at E2AC (entertainment 2 affect change) as an ambassador. E2AC is a non-profit storytelling organization that promotes equality and social justice through various platforms of media. I chose this company because I love film and the idea of learning how magic is made behind the scenes. I found this organization through handshake and sent them my resume. After the company reviewed my resume, I was instructed to send a 1-minute video of myself explaining who I am, what skills I bring to the table, and why I would like to work for E2AC. The last step in applying for the ambassador role was interviewing with their executive producer and other applicants.

One of the most exciting things about this internship is the projects. Before our first week, we got an email with a list of projects that will be worked on this summer. There are 10 projects on various topics, from cancer survivors’ podcasts to short films and documentaries on activists. The project I chose revolves around a woman who is raising her grandchildren and has been evicted. Depending on the project, we are placed in groups of 3-4 and our job is to bring awareness through social media and fundraising. Even more exciting, we are encouraged to communicate with other teams to gain learning experience or help with other projects we are interested in. I hope this summer that I learn the fundraising process and how exactly a film crew operates. Each team will work with executives with experience in the field, so much of our learning and success will guide these people.

One of my two goals for this summer is to leave my expectations at the door. This past semester in Mindful Communication (COM 360), I have learned that our expectations, if not managed, can create barriers. I have much to learn quickly, and starting this internship with a beginner’s mindset will be my greatest asset. My second goal is to apply the mindful practices that I have learned from COM 360. The project that I am on requires much collaboration, which means we must listen to one another and work in solidarity. We all have the common goal of bringing awareness to a cause, which will require a mindful approach.

I believe that Chapman University has been preparing me for this role since my first semester. Learning about Mass Communication (COM 151) and how we are affected by the media was an eye-opening experience. In Mass Communication and Mindful Communication, I gained an understanding from each class about my self-concept and the media’s role in my life and others. With the project I have been given, I now have the task of using media to humanize someone and bring awareness to an issue that has affected me personally. My greatest concern moving forward with this internship is falling short of meeting our goal. However, we have set our sights on helping a stranger get back on their feet and are determined to do just that.