From California to Kansas: Finding a new academic home for graduate school Jessica Dominguez: School of Communication Alumni Spotlight

May 5, 2017 by Jessica Dominguez | Alumni

Applying to graduate school was an experience I didn’t expect to have when I first started college; before I decided to enter the field of research as a social scientist. The requirements were similar to applying to undergraduate with a couple differences. I’d have to submit a resume, a writing sample, and I’d also have to


Why do Strategic and Corporate Communication Majors Need to Take Principles of Microeconomics? by Jianna Gudebski '17

April 6, 2017 by Jianna Gudebski | Student Guest Blogger

Q: Why do Strategic and Corporate Communication Majors Need to Take Principles of Microeconomics? A: To thrive in the workplace and everyday life. Strategic and Corporate Communication is a major that enables students to acquire the necessary skills to be a professional communicator. We are trained to advance an organization’s agenda (vision, mission, services) utilizing


Bridging The Gap Between Cultures Applying Intercultural Communication In The “Real World”

April 6, 2017 by | Professionalism

For the past three months I’ve been interning at Paramount Pictures in the International Digital Marketing department. There, the team and myself regulate all international digital activity for 35+ international offices! From France to Serbia, to the Philippines to Brazil we encounter some interesting cultures and viewpoints. To give a little background about myself –


Adderall Misuse….It’s Nastier Than You Think SCC Students Develop Campaign to Combat Adderall Misuse

March 10, 2017 by Mara Manukyan | Student Guest Blogger

The Rethink campaign is organized by Strategic and Corporate Communication students at Chapman University, with the mission of inspiring peer-driven conversations about the risks of misusing prescription stimulants to study.  By encouraging these conversations, we can reduce the normalization of this behavior on our campus.  With the help of our friend Addy, we hope our