During this time of year where many are considering New Year’s resolutions and looking to how to improve their lives and local community, Crean College reflects on the amazing future ahead for the health sciences. Several events occurred in Crean that showcased the active role our faculty and staff are taking in being leaders in research to further assist the community.

January 19-21, 2017 marked a historical moment at Chapman University (CU). Headed by Dr. Mary Kennedy, the director of the Communication Sciences and Disorders program at CU, several experts in cognitive – communication disorders after brain injury gathered together to create crucial relationships and to begin collaborations to advance the field’s research. These experts gathered here on campus or skyped in from all over the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Cypress and other areas around the world.

With such a diverse group of experts at this conferences, topics that were covered ranged from cognitive-communication disorders after traumatic brain injury, to studies on cognitive-communication disorders after right-hemisphere damage and in older adults, to different therapy techniques for cognitive and communication problems. Several discussion groups were held on hot topics including how to utilize advancing technology and social media in research, therapy procedures to improve social communication skills, cognitive rehabilitation techniques, concussion management, brain injury in children and more.

Keynote speaker Dr. Leanne Tougher from Australia discussed in detail the future of where the communication sciences and disorders field is heading and the importance of continued collaboration with fellow researchers. On the second day keynote speaker Dr. Anne Glayne gave a presentation of the state of evidence in pediatric brain injury.


Dinner Reception held at Hilbert Museum

The hope is that this conference will take place once again next year in 2018 and then occur every other year. With the continued aspiring researchers and clinicians around the world collaborating on studies, papers and more, the hope for helping individuals with cognitive – communication disorders.

We want to thank the staff and students who helped put on this influential conference and look forward to years of collaboration ahead.





CSD Students attended the ICCD conference to gain insight into new and upcoming research in their field



All attendees of ICCD Conference