Another exciting (exclusive!) opportunity for TV Club members!

The Prime Time TV Club had an amazing final meeting of the year.  Writer-director Ron Shelton (Bull Durham, Blaze) and editor and Chapman Professor Paul Seydor screened their new TNT pilot Hounddogs then talked about the development process for the pilot, the creative collaboration between director and editor, and much, much more.

When asked how he felt about working in television after having made 11 feature films, Shelton said

I love it.  If Chekhov and Hemingway were alive today, they’d be writing for TV.

Obviously the television majors were thrilled to hear this sort of endorsement.  Shelton went on to explain that because TV can’t compete with the spectacle or production value of a feature film, TV relies instead on the quality of its storytelling to attract an audience.

If you’ve got great stories to tell, come to Chapman and be a television major.