To the delight of digital art lovers, The 14th annual Animation Show of Shows is making its nation-wide rounds.  Once again, we’re lucky enough to host the diverse collection of films in the Folino Theater!

As usual, the Show of Shows producers have assembled an outstanding lineup of festival-topping short films, including the grand prix winners from multiple digital arts film festivals, such as Annecy, Hiroshima, Zagreb and many more. 
In previous years, the showcase
has selected scores of shorts which have gone on to become Oscar winners, and this year is sure to present the same level of excellence.

This year’s showcase will play in the Folino Theater Friday, December 7.

The 14th selection features:
The 14th Annual Animation Show of Shows

  • John Kahrs inspiring romantic Disney short PAPERMAN (USA) (which opened their recent hit film Wreck-It Ralph)
  • Till Nowak’s hysterical THE BRAIN CENTRIFUGE PROJECT (Germany)
  • Michele Lemieux’s NFB dazzling pinscreen masterpiece HERE AND THE GREAT ELSEWHERE (Canada)
  • Pixar’s own Carlo Vogele’s independent operatic fish tale UNA FURTIVA LAGRIMA (USA)
  • Russian Dmitry Geller’s enigmatic new short made with the help of students at Jilin Animation Institute I SAW MICE BURYING A CAT (China)
  • Martin Zivocky’s stunning graphic graduation film THE CASE (Czech Republic)
  • Martin Georgiev’s intense 7596 FRAMES (Bulgari)
  • Dorianne Fibleuil, Paulin Cointot and Maud Sertour’s surreal comedy LE TAXIDERMISTE (France)
  • Israeli born, Tomer Eshed’s 3D phenomenal and over the top 3D HFF graduation film FLAMINGO PRIDE (Germany)
  • Warner Bros. newest 3D short by Matt O’Callaghan DAFFY’S RHAPSODY (USA)

PARENTAL ADVISORY, the end the program may not be suitable for children!

On the edgier side and definitely lighting the adult flame on the tail end of this show with Emma de Swaef and Marc Marc James Roels OH WILLY! (Belgium), kicking up the intensity with Supinfocom’s graduation film by Loris Accaries, Marie Ayme, Claire Baudean and Audrey Janvier with writing and undulating… TENTATION (France) and lastly Michaela Pavlatova’s sexual fantasy on a TRAM (Czech Republic)

Every year, the Show of Shows dazzles students and film fans alike with it’s incredible array of animation styles, subjects, and storytelling.

We hope you’ll join us next Friday for the show!