DRAW- Discover Research & Arts Week
New Ways of Seeing: Experience Virtual and Augmented Reality
Wednesday, October 4
1:00-2:00pm – DMAC 101 *

The Institute for Creative Reality (ICR) invites you to explore the latest projects in immersive media with VR and AR created by Dodge College students, Wednesday, October 4, from 1-2 p.m. in DMAC 101. This event is part of Chapman’s DRAW week.

DRAW eventMore about DRAW:

DRAW is a distinctive week long exploration that nourishes the inquiring, ethical, and productive lives we seek to lead as global citizens. DRAW represents the combination of people, ideas, and expertise across areas of study at Chapman University as we create new knowledge together. We will engage with each other as scholars, teachers, students, and lifelong learners and explore the exciting and important research and creative activity going on at Chapman University to find inspiration and momentum in every direction. As you draw your own path through this week, discover the opportunities, programs, and people that will help you create your future!

More information can be found on DRAW can be found here. More information on the ICR can be found here.

All are welcome!