Join us Thursday, May 3 at 7 p.m. in the Folino Theater for Community Voices, a documentary film program.

Community Voices links Chapman University documentary film students with Orange-County based organizations. Each semester, groups of students produce short character-driven portrait films that highlight causes the partner organizations aim to serve. The films are then used in the outreach and fundraising campaigns of these organizations and are distributed via PBS broadcast, online streaming, educational distributors, and festival release.
The screening will be followed by a panel with the filmmakers and a reception.

Contact Assistant Professor Sally Rubin at with questions.

This year’s documentaries and partner organizations include the following:

Parallax by Jack Bauhs, Shiv Rajagopal, Breanna Greenup, & Jacob Seligmann
Organization: Orange County Astronomers
Parallax was created in virtual reality, this project is a documentary experience that showcases the wonder of the stars, bringing the viewer into a cinematic journey through outer space.

Farmacy by Melissa Leardi, Hannah Riddle, Brynne McKee, & Jordan Valdés
Organization: Cultivate Together
Farmacy features three farmers who find mental and physical healing through growing their own food.

Running on Pink by Stephanie Clabeaux, Michaela McLeod, Jordyn Romero, & Spencer Santini
Organization: Girls on the Run
Running on Pink looks at the benefits sports have for girls, particularly on their self-confidence and body image.

Rewired by Brianna McFadden, Maddie Gwinn, Dimitri Lazarashvili, Dylan Leslie, & Justin McWilliams
Organization: Anti-Defamation League
Rewired examines the phenomenon and study of hate, seen through the eyes of several experts and one man who has overcome some of the very worst hatred of all.

Care by Akshay Arora, Dylan Chant, Catherine Heath, & Nancy Pickett
Organization: Writer’s Room Productions
Care is a film about celebrating the stories all children tell as one woman navigates her way through growing her family and her organization.

Community Voices promo flyer

With many thanks to the Dhont Family Foundation for their generous support of the Community Voices initiative.