Drs. Michael Hass and Kelly Kennedy recently came back from the annual meeting of the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) in Philadelphia. The meeting was attended by over 6,000 school psychologist from around the country and the world. Not only did 25 of our  School Psychology students attend – a record number –  but 8 Ed.S. and 3 doctoral students gave 7 different presentations (see the titles below). Special kudos go to doctoral student Stephanie Domzalski, who not only organized a fun Chapman gathering but mentored several of the Ed.S. students on their presentations.

  • Writing Consumer Driven Psychoeducational Reports, Michael R. Hass, Ryan McGillivray, Brianna Sullivan
  • Trichotillomania: prevalence and solution-focused intervention within an academic setting, Stephanie Domzalski, Courtney Matz, & Michael R. Hass
  • Interventions in Gifted Education: A Three-Tier Approach,  Rachel Round, Christina Veatch, Stephanie Domzalski, & Brianna Sullivan
  • Proactive Approaches to Healthy Body Image Development in Elementary Students, Christina Veatch, Rachel Round, Stephanie Domzalski, & Brianna Sullivan
  • Presentation Title: Friendship Initiation and Maintenance Training: Early Childhood Aggressive-Disruptive Behavior, Mike Doria, Stephanie Domzalski, & Brianna Sullivan
  • Strategies for students with Executive Functioning Difficulties.  Tanya Perez, Molly Siprasoeuth, & Michael R. Hass
  • Making Counseling Count.  Jaime Flowers, Ryan McGill, & Stephanie Domzalski