Chapman University is honored to have participated in the 2024 National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) annual conference. The Attallah College of Educational Studies was represented in a total of 20 activities, demonstrating the college’s strong commitment to the field of school psychology.

Attallah College Faculty at the 2024 NASP Conference

Dr. Annmary Abdou was involved in three research presentations with current students and represented the Multicultural Affairs Committee (MAC) at the annual meeting for chairs. Additionally, she participated in the Diversity Dialogues, Multicultural Meet & Greet, and facilitated the MAC AMENA subcommittee annual meeting, of which she is the chair.

Dr. Amy Jane Griffiths presented alongside a current doctoral student, Rachel Torres, and joined Drs. Kelly Kennedy and Zack Maupin in the PREPaRE trainer program.

Dr. Jared Izumi presented a paper titled “DBT-Based Skills Training for High Schoolers” and participated in the School Psychology Research Collaborative Conference for early career scholars held at the NASP conference. 

Dr. Kelly Kennedy presented alongside faculty member Dr. Annmary Abdou and students Lexie Geltman and Ana Anaya. She also completed the two-day training program with Drs. Amy Jane Griffiths and Zack Maupin, aimed at preparing participants to become PREPaRE trainers.

Dr. Zack Maupin contributed to a research presentation with current students, a student poster presentation, and led two mini skills sessions. He collaborated with Drs. Kelly Kennedy and Amy Jane Griffiths in the two-day PREPaRE training program.

Doctoral Student Paper Presentations at NASP

  • “Preventing and Addressing Adolescent Dating Violence Amongst LGBTQ Youth” paper presented by Nicole Gautier and Rachel Torres.
  • “Champions Beyond the Classroom: Creating Effective Transition-Focused IEPs for Autistic Youth” paper presented by Rachel Torres and Dr. Amy Jane Griffiths.

Attallah College at NASP

Current School Psychology Students’ and Faculty Paper Presentations at NASP

A detailed list of paper presentations by current school psychology students and faculty, highlighting topics from restorative justice in schools to enhancing the well-being of students with perfectionist tendencies.

  • “A Systems Consultation Blueprint for Restorative Justice in Schools” paper presented by faculty member, Dr. Annmary Abdou, and current students Maddie Crawford, Japrese Kidwell, and Debbie Tan.
  • “A Season for Innerwork: Peace Leadership in School Psychology” paper presented by faculty members Dr. Annmary Abdou and Dr. Kelly Kennedy, and current students Lexie Geltman, and Ana Anaya.
  • “Beyond Perfection: Enhancing the Well-being of Students with Perfectionist Tendencies” paper presented by Mitzi Ting, with faculty contribution from Dr. Zack Maupin.
  • “Meta-Analysis of Social Skills Targeting Early Childhood Externalizing Behaviors” paper presented by Jessica Wright and Rayce Tamanaha.
  • “Using Restorative Pedagogy for Implicit Bias Training” paper presented by faculty member Dr. Annmary Abdou, and current students Lily Nguyen and Danial Shelbourne.

Current School Psychology Students’ and Faculty Poster Presentations at NASP

A comprehensive list of poster presentations covering a range of important topics, such as supporting military students, preventing youth suicidality, and addressing the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

  • “A Case Study in Parental Mental Illness and Childhood Resiliency” poster presented by Amanda Flores and Jessica Wright.
  • “A Public Health Approach to Preventing and Treating Youth Suicidality” poster presented by Amanda Flores and Jessica Wright.
  • “A Season to Serve: Supporting Military Students” poster presented by Ana Anaya and Lexie Geltman, with faculty contribution from Dr. Zack Maupin.
  • “Love Does Not Hurt: Preventing Teen Dating Violence Using MTSS” poster presented by Amanda Flores and Jessica Wright.
  • “Support in Schools for Students with Grief” poster presented by Adla Jaber.
  • “The effects of ACESs and Need for Trauma Informed Schools” poster presented by Salma Ayala-Vega.
  • “WRAML-3: Critique and Future Directions” poster presented by Yasmin Gonzalez and Danielle Padilla.

Current School Psychology Students’ and Faculty Mini Skills Presentations at NASP

  • “Enhancing Caregiver Involvement in CBT for Children Exposed to Violence” presented by Maddie Crawford and Cassidy Weiss, with faculty contribution from Dr. Zack Maupin.