Attallah College’s own Dr. Amy Jane Griffiths, along with a team of distinguished psychologists and educators, has co-authored a groundbreaking book titled “Psychology in the Schools.” This comprehensive guide is poised to become an essential resource for psychological service providers working in educational settings.

“Psychology in the Schools” delves into the diverse and complex roles of school counselors, school psychologists, and social workers. It aims to equip these professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to address the learning, behavioral, and mental health needs of students. The book’s practical approach, which includes real-world vignettes, worksheets, and templates, makes it an invaluable asset for practitioners.

Dr. Griffiths, a licensed psychologist and Associate Professor in the Counseling and School Psychology program at Chapman University, brings her extensive experience to the book. “I train school psychologists, school counselors, and licensed professional clinical counselors – specifically focusing on mental health, learning, and behavioral supports,” Dr. Griffiths shared. Her work, influenced by her role at Chapman, provides a unique perspective on the needs and challenges in school psychology today.

The book also addresses the growing concerns around the mental health of youth, especially in the post-pandemic era. Dr. Griffiths notes, “There has been a significant increase in the percentage of youth experiencing emotional, attentional, or behavioral difficulties. Schools are pivotal in providing the necessary support to these children.” The book is designed not only for upper-division undergraduates and graduate students but also for early career professionals, focusing on practical and impactful ways to support youth in educational settings.

Psychology in the Schools

Collaborating with Dr. Elena Diamond of Lewis & Clark College, Dr. Shelley R. Hart of California State University, Chico, and Dr. Stephen E. Brock of California State University, Sacramento, Dr. Griffiths and her colleagues combined their vast experiences and research. “We brought together our experience and knowledge to provide breadth and depth to the topics outlined in the book,” Dr. Griffiths explained, highlighting the collaborative nature of this work.

The co-writers goal is to impart a thorough understanding of the multifaceted ways professionals can contribute to students’ learning, behavior, and mental health. Dr. Griffiths emphasized the need for an evidence-based approach and practical tips for effective and efficient support.

“Psychology in the Schools” is ideal for anyone involved in or aspiring to work in school psychology, from students to seasoned practitioners. It stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of experts in the field, including Chapman University’s Dr. Griffiths, who continue to shape the future of psychological services in educational settings.

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