Ingrid Greger, IES Student

When it came time to transfer to a 4-year University form my community college, I had a lot of options. I had gotten into most of the schools I had applied to, but Chapman really spoke to me. It was not only the perfect Southern California weather, the beautiful campus, and the small class sizes, but specifically the Integrated Educational Studies program that helped me to make my decision. I knew for a fact that I wanted to go into teaching elementary school after college – or so I thought. After self-reflection, some experience working in an elementary school, work experience in a restaurant, and some classes that really opened my eyes to other interests, I realized I would be much happier outside of the public schools. The wonderful thing about IES is that it allowed that for me.

Before entering the program I never could have imagined a set of classes with such variety. Each class I have taken has been useful to me in very different ways. Because of the very personal and flexible program, I have grown through the past 2 years immensely – personally, academically and professionally. The professors here deeply care about what they are teaching, inserting lessons and experiences that are far beyond other classroom experiences I have had. Some of these lessons I will never forget, as they actually changed me as a person.

I am graduating with many options as far as a career. I have gained skills that would make me valuable in many different fields. In this difficult job market, that is incredibly important. For my senior capstone course, I was able to do action-based research in a business setting, which was interesting and relevant to my life as well as beneficial toward my career progress. I now plan on going into business, likely training adults in the workplace. It is a career that uses education in a way I really connect to. I am so happy that IES has provided this opportunity for me – I can truly say this program has changed me for the better.

Ingrid Greger, class of 2012