Post from Sandra Koen about her experience studying abroad in Spain in the spring semester of 2012 with another Athletic Training Student, Naomi Singleton. 

While studying abroad last spring in Granada, Spain, I got to explore the other side of the world, their cultures and ways of living. I discovered that the Spanish style of living revolves around social gatherings and celebrations, the Moorish influence in the south of Spain and their dedication and commitment to sports, in particular Futbol.  As I worked in different Physical Therapy clinics, I got to talk to the patients, who mostly had injuries from playing soccer, and learn a little more about Granada and how they grew up and lived in this wonderful city. I not only got to explore Granada but also other parts of Spain including Sevilla, Cordoba, Barcelona, Madrid and Ronda; each of the cities gave you a different feel for the energy and history behind them. It is something you cannot get from just reading a textbook or looking at pictures, you have to experience it to understand the feel. Overall it was an experience to grasp everything around you and try to take in every bit of it because it is so different to what we are used to back home.