Traveling and learning about new cultures are goals that many college students hope to experience during their undergraduate career.

For anyone, particularly Integrated Educational Studies (IES) majors and minors, teaching abroad is an exciting opportunity to explore the world and give back to the community through your current/future profession.

ISA logoThere are many programs that offer college students and graduates the opportunity to experience education abroad, whether it be for a few weeks, the entire summer, or several years. While there is a need for many subjects to be taught, teaching English to people of all ages is in high demand. Read on for a brief guide on the wide variety of programs that are available!

During/After College

EUSA logoISA (Internships and Service Learning) and EUSA are two organizations that offer personalized placements for internships. Interning abroad allows you to experience working in a different environment and travel, all while giving you a competitive edge for employers. In fact, EUSA claims that 73% of students that completed an internship with them state their employer referenced their international internship. EUSA focuses more on Europe-based internships, while ISA offers locations around the globe. These organizations offer placements all year round for 8-week terms. Their websites offer more information about specific locations offered, costs, dates, and job descriptions.

Learning Enterprises (LE) is an entirely student-run nonprofit that college students can volunteer with to teach English abroad for about a month in the summer. It offers a unique ability to live with a host family, which immerses yourself deeply in the culture of the place you volunteer in. Currently, LE offers nine different locations (with a possible language requirement), including Brazil, Thailand, Panama, and Poland.

After Graduation

Fulbright logoIf you are interested in teaching abroad after graduation for one year or more, an English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) through the Fulbright Scholarship Program is one avenue. This program places students in schools from kindergarten through university, where they can serve as cultural ambassadors for the United States and assist local teachers with teaching English.

Two recent Attallah College alumni taught abroad as part of the Fulbright ETA program and shared their experiences: Ansley Wong (IES ’18, MACI ’19) and Caitlyn Nguyen (IES ’17).

International TEFL Academy logoLastly, The International TEFL Academy offers TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification for teaching English abroad, and after completing the program, you will receive assistance to be placed in a location abroad.

Good luck exploring the pathways of teaching abroad, and remember, there are so many additional options out there! For more information, stop by Chapman’s Study Abroad/International Internships Fair on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 in the Attallah Piazza.