After three years of travel course cancellations in the pandemic, Dr. Dawn Hunter and Dr. Whitney McIntyre Miller were thrilled to bring their “Leadership in International Contexts” class to Iceland!

The program had the opportunity to spend a week amongst lush green hills, rushing waterfalls, and expansive glaciers, while also expanding their knowledge of peace studies and programs on equity and sustainability, from a nation that has been on the forefront of these endeavors. 

“This travel course to Iceland and learning from the Icelandic people changed my life.  As I prepared for this trip, I experienced many feelings of imposter syndrome and left Iceland with new confidence not just with traveling but in the light I found and brought back with me.  If I were to give a brief list of the most important things I learned is that I have the power to serve others, that when I tend to my own garden, it has a ripple effect on those around me, that nature is powerful and recharges my soul, and that traveling with others is an amazing way to get to know and connect with people.” – Stacy Eldred, MA (‘13), Ph.D. in Education (expected ‘24)

The travel course began with a meeting with senior representatives in the Iceland Prime Minister’s office, with continued discussions on peace and sustainability throughout Iceland with visits to Amnesty International Iceland, Icelandic Disability Alliance, and Iceland Human Rights Centre.

Meeting with the Iceland Prime Minister’s Senior Policy Analyst 

Summer Course in Iceland

Visit with the Icelandic Disability Alliance

Summer Course in Iceland

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