The Attallah College of Educational Studies is pleased to announce the 2019–2020 Attallah Undergraduate Leadership Council!  We thank all the applicants for their time and interest in the council. Students who have been selected to be members of the council will serve as leaders and ambassadors for Attallah College.

The purpose of the student-led Attallah Undergraduate Leadership Council is to help bridge departmental and community relations with students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Attallah College.  This year we have three committees:

  • The Newsletter and Marketing Committee is responsible for publicizing and disseminating information on upcoming events, campus involvement, scholarships, internships, and blog pieces to Attallah College.
  • The Internal Affairs Committee plans and develops events to facilitate student and faculty interactions within Attallah College.
  • The External Affairs Committee helps develop opportunities for prospective student and alumni outreach, partnerships with other departments, and other community initiatives.

You will see Attallah Undergraduate Leadership Council members representing Attallah College at various university and community events.

2019–2020 Attallah Undergraduate Leadership Council Chairs

  • Cala Gin, Senior, IES major, Japanese & Honors Program minors – Newsletter and Marketing
  • Katie Tucker, Junior, IES major & STEM minor – External Affairs
  • Nicole Williams, Senior, Psychology & IES majors, Spanish minor – Internal Affairs

2019–2020 Attallah Undergraduate Leadership Council Members

  • Alana Caires, Senior, English & IES majors
  • Paul Callahan, Senior, IES major & Psychology minor
  • Sophie Friedland, Junior, IES major, Environmental Studies & Language and Literacy minors
  • Philip Goodrich, Sophomore, History & IES majors, Political Science minor
  • Makayla Hall, Junior, Psychology & IES majors, Leadership Studies minor
  • Wendy Herrera, Sophomore, IES major & History minor
  • Eden Jacnuk, Junior, IES major & History minor
  • Nicky Meindl, Junior, IES & Music majors
  • Nanase Niikura, Junior, IES major & Language and Literacy minor
  • Maddie Shack, Junior, Psychology & IES majors
  • Adelin Tiburcio, Junior, IES & Spanish majors, Latinx Studies minor
  • Molly Weitzman, Junior, IES & Peace Studies majors, Leadership Studies minor
  • Hannah Welsh, Sophomore, Psychology & IES majors, Language and Literacy minor
  • Sarah Wilson, Freshman, English major, Secondary Education minor


Excerpt from the Attallah College Undergraduate Student Newsletter.