Dr. Roxanne Greitz Miller

Roxanne Greitz Miller, Ed.D. Interim Dean of Attallah College of Educational Studies

As the Interim Dean of the Attallah College of Educational Studies and a former public school teacher, I personally understand the deep impact and importance of our fieldwork experiences to the professional development of all students in our programs.

As a result of recent state mandates, as well as the continued health impacts of COVID-19 on other community settings, Attallah is working in collaboration with our local school districts and community partners to address our fieldwork and practicum offerings for fall. At this time, we expect our fieldwork and practica experiences in the fall of the 2020-2021 academic year to begin in remote environments, and we will continue to follow state and local mandates for the operation of safe school and community settings.

Our shared goal is to support the health and safety of our professional candidates, faculty members, and fieldwork supervisors while working in inclusive and authentic settings that support the candidate’s opportunity to observe, learn and demonstrate a full range of professional skills. As determined by the accreditors of each individual program, that fieldwork may include virtual and/or in-person experiences.

When districts/schools and community settings physically reopen and are prepared for our candidates to return to their sites, our professional programs will notify candidates of any specific requirements needed to prepare for their return. As a college, we will flexibly respond to individual sites’ requirements and will support our candidates throughout the coming months as they continue to gain experience and demonstrate the skills required for credentialing/licensure in their respective professions.

I want to thank you for your shared commitment to the health and safety of our Chapman students, faculty, and staff, as well as the children and families that we serve.