The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) has announced new modifications to the Golden State Teacher Grant, an education grant created to help prospective teachers cover the costs of earning a California teaching credential. The grant supports soon-to-be teachers and pupil personnel services providers by providing a one-time grant of up to $20,000 to help pay for their preparation program. 

“The Golden State Teacher Grant is an exceptional opportunity for future educators,” said Dr. Trisha Sugita, Director of Teacher Education at Chapman University. “California is facing a significant teacher shortage, and this grant is key to ensuring our education communities have access to the best teachers, while reducing the burden of student debt.”

Who Qualifies for the Golden State Teacher Grant?

Students participating in a professional preparation program leading to a preliminary teaching credential or a pupil personnel services credential, at a qualifying institution, can apply to the Golden State Teacher Grant Program to receive one-time grant funds of up to $20,000. Students must plan to teach in California for four years after graduation (see below).

  • Students enrolled in the following Attallah College programs qualify: Teacher Education & Special Education, MA School Counseling, Ed.S. in School Psychology, MACI (fifth year only).
  • Enrollment timeline: Students who have applied for enrollment to the designated Attallah College programs, on or after January 1, 2020 are eligible to participate in the grant.
  • Incoming students: CSAC is working to develop a process by which students that express interest to enroll in a preliminary teaching credential or pupil personnel services credential, may submit a request for a pre-enrollment conditional award notice. This will allow you to plan ahead, so that you can earmark grant funds towards your tuition costs.

What Are the Grant Requirements? 

Before accepting the Golden State Teacher Grant, all applicants must agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement. In addition to completing the program requirements, the agreement requires recipients to fulfill several conditions:

  • Work at a priority school. The grant requires students to work in California at a priority school for at least four years within the eight years following the date the student completes the professional preparation program. A current list of priority schools is available on the CTC website.
  • Maintain good academic standing. Grant recipients must maintain good academic standing while they are enrolled in their CTC-approved preparation program. Students must complete their preparation program and earn a preliminary credential within three years after the first distribution of grant funds.

As with most grant agreements, if Golden State Teacher Grant recipients do not fulfill each of these obligations within the allotted time frame, they must repay the grant reward in part or in full. See the GSTG website for more details.

What Are the Steps to Apply?

As a CTC-accredited institution, Chapman University’s Attallah College of Educational Studies is proud to be a Golden State Teacher Grant program. Here are the steps to apply for the grant and begin a career in education at Chapman:

1. Apply to an eligible CTC-approved Attallah College program:

2. Be accepted into and enroll in Chapman University.

3. Apply for the Golden State Teacher Grant.

4. California Student Aid Commission will notify Chapman’s Financial Aid Office of your accepted application.

Chapman’s Attallah College of Educational Studies will notify you once your grant funds become available.