Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is the first year of a two-year kindergarten experience in California. In addition to holding a Multiple Subject Credential, after August 1, 2023, all TK teachers must also meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Have completed at least 24 credits in early childhood education, child development, or both; or
  2. Have professional experience in a classroom setting with preschool-aged children that a local educational agency (LEA) deems comparable to 24 units; or
  3. Possess a Child Development Teacher Permit issued from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). Permit options: Child Development Teacher Permit, Child Development Master Teacher Permit, Child Development Site Supervisor Permit, or the Child Development Program Director Permit.

Please see California Education Code (EC) Section 48000(g)(4) for more information. 

Chapman recommends current students (undergraduate or graduate level) who wish to be TK-eligible complete the Early Childhood Education Transcript Review and submit it soonest to determine how many credits they have (or still need) toward being TK-eligible. 

Please ensure that all of the transcripts you are referencing in this form have been submitted to Chapman’s Admissions team. If Chapman candidates opt to enroll at another institution in addition to Chapman University (called concurrent enrollment) to obtain additional credits toward fulfilling the TK eligibility requirement, they must adhere to the concurrent enrollment rules in the Chapman University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs. Note, enrollments across institutions in excess of certain credits may impact financial aid and are critical to consider before registering at more than one institution of higher education. 

Courses at Chapman University that can be used to meet the 24 credit requirement include the following: 

Course Number & Title  Credits 
IES 102: Social Construction of Difference  3 
IES 204: Exploring Theories of Learning 3 
IES 206: Schools in Society 3 
IES 240: Children’s Literature & Literacy 3 
IES 150: Introduction to Disability Studies; Challenging Mythos of Normalcy 3 
IES 317: Disability, Families, and Society: Issues of Professional Policy and Support 3 
TCHR 471/571: Educating Diverse Learnings in Inclusive Classrooms 3 
TCHR I 409/EDUC 500: Literacy and Learning TK-3 4
TCHR 464/TCHR  501: English Language Acquisition and Issues of Diversity 3 
PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology 3 
PSYC 310: The Psychology of Learning 3 
PSYC 323: Child Development 3 
PSYC 330: Child Abnormal Psychology 3 
PSYC 446: Children and Trauma 3 
SOC 393: Child Abuse  3 
MUS 461: Psychology of Music  3 

Teacher Education candidates may also use courses from other institutions, including community colleges, to fulfill the 24-credit requirement. For those looking for additional coursework at community colleges within close proximity to Chapman, please visit the link to view a table of early childhood courses and contact persons for these programs.

We further encourage candidates to apply for the Child Development Teacher Permit (in option 3) from CTC as soon as the 24 credits have been completed. Once the Child Development Teacher Permit is obtained, candidates will be authorized for all areas covered by the permit – including Universal Pre Kindergarten which is planned to begin in California in 2025. Based on similar experiences with CTC, we anticipate, if changes are made to the permit requirements, such permit holders will either be exempt from or will have extended timelines to obtain any additional requirements imposed by the state in the future. 

Please direct all questions about this process to our Credential Analyst at