In recognition of academic excellence, we are proud to announce the Attallah College Dean’s List at Chapman University for the Fall 2023 semester. This select group of students has a grade point average of 3.6 – 3.799 in at least 12 credits of in-residence coursework taken for a letter grade with a declared major in Attallah College (students who exceed a grade point average of 3.799 are placed on the Provost’s List).

“We’re thrilled to congratulate our undergraduate major students on their academic achievement and dedication to the high standards of excellence for all students in Attallah College,” says Dean Roxanne Greitz Miller. 

Congratulations to the Fall 2023 Attallah College Dean’s List Honorees:

Bailey Abarca

Alexa Arostico

Alejandra Barba

Jordan Begun

Sammy Bruno

Grace Burnitz

Eunice Byun

Gianna Claveran

Campbell Davidson

Landon Davies

Dave Downs

Lucy Erickson

Ty Hartigan

Jasmin Hernandez

Jax Hudson

Annika Lindberg

Carly Longo

Liseth Lucero

Idaly Ramirez

Olivia Rizio

Susana Rowe

Cecilizbet Sanchez

Ilianna Serna

Caedmon Serrano

Kate Shepherd

Haley Silva

Lauren Stewart 

Ella Stroup

Stephanie Vazquez

Katy Wathen