On May 31st, ZOOM will be upgrading their online meeting platform software to the lates 5.0 version. Zoom 5.0 will offer its users a number of enhancements that will increase their control when hosting meetings and tools to help further prevent unauthorized users from accessing meetings (Zoom Bombing). A list of the new enhancements can be found below.

Important notice for all Chapman University site license users. If you are using a Chapman University PC and are using a Zoom site license, prior to May 31, you will need to uninstall your current Zoom desktop app/client, and install the latest Zoom 5.0 software version. This will prevent any potential issues with hosting or attending meetings after the May 31st upgrade. Here’s how!

Uninstalling Old Zoom Instructions:

  1. In your Windows 10 search field (bottom left corner), type “Control Panel“.
  2. Click on the Control Panel app
  3. Select “Programs“.
  4. Select “Programs and Features
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the programs list to locate Zoom
  6. Right-Click Zoom, and select “Uninstall“.
    1. The software will then uninstall, and the dialog window will close once the software uninstall completes (approximately 20 – 30 seconds).

Installing the latest Zoom 5.0 desktop app/client software:

  1. Download the latest Zoom 5.0 software version by visiting Chapman.zoom.us/download
  2. Click the blue “Download” button the first option titled “Zoom Client for Meetings”
  3. Open your Downloads folder in your browser or your file explorer, and click the “ZoomInstaller.exe” file.
  4. A dialog window will open asking if you would like to run the file. Click “Run”.
  5. The installer window will open during the installation, and will close when it completes (approximately 5 – 10 seconds).
  6. To start using your new Zoom 5.0 desktop app/client, simply type Zoom in the Windows 10 search field (bottom-left corner). Click “Start Zoom”.

Starting Zoom:

  1. Once you open the new Zoom 5.0 app/client, click “Sign In”.
  2. On the right-side of the sign in window, select “SignIn with SSO”
  3. Enter “Chapman” as the company domain name. Click “Continue”.
  4. If prompted, enter your Chapman email address and password”
  5. Click “Open Zoom”

Below is a glimps of some of the new Zoom 5.0 security enhancements. (Information sources from an online PSA provided by Zoom)

  • Report a User” Hosts can report users to Zoom’s Trust & Safety team, who will review any potential misuse of the platform and take appropriate action.
  • Enable Waiting Room” All hosts may now turn on the Waiting Rooms while their meeting is already in progress.
  • Lock Meeting” Lock your meeting after everyone has arrived to prevent any unwanted disruptions.
  • Remove Participants” The host may remove a participant and they will be unable to re-enter the meeting.
  • Additional Enhancements

If you would like to assistance with upgrading your Zoom app/client on your Chapman-owned device, please contact the IS&T service desk at Servicedesk@chapman.edu.