On August 17th, T-Mobile learned that their servers had been illegally accessed by a cyber attacker. During this breach, many customer profiles had personal information stolen during this breach. T-Mobile has indicated that they have been able to locate where the cyber attacker was able to access their servers and have closed it off.   For more information about the recent T-Mobile breach, please see NOTICE OF BREACH: Keeping you safe from cybersecurity threats.

It is important to note that T-Mobile is the service provider for Chapman University cell phones. However, IS&T believes that only user business information was compromised during this breach and that no personal data was accessed during the breach. IS&T is continuing to track the situation and is working directly with T-Mobile. T-Mobile has informed Chapman that for our account: “IMPORTANTLY, we have NO information that indicates Social Security number, business or personal financial information, payment information, credit or debit card information, account numbers, or account PIN and passwords were accessed.”

For questions and concerns, please email infosec@chapman.edu