Zoom’s forthcoming release of version 6.0.0 indicates a significant update for users, focusing on enhancements in both visual and functional aspects of the Zoom client. We anticipate this version to be released on 4/15/24. Here’s a more detailed look at what this update could entail:

Visual Refresh

The appearance of the Zoom desktop app has been overhauled with a new color scheme and icons. These color schemes, including bloom (blue), agave (green), rose (red), and classic (black), will be available when running your client in light mode and can be selected through the app settings.

The In-Meeting Toolbar

The in-meeting experience will be updated with a more simplified toolbar and will allow end users to customize the toolbar by dragging and dropping icons to add, move, or remove meeting features specific to their needs. The in-meeting security tab will now be located under the ‘Host Tools’ icon.

Multi-Speaker View

The new multi-speaker view will enhance the meeting participant experience by dynamically adapting the meeting’s video layout to match current and recent speakers, highlighting and enlarging their video tiles over others while still providing the view of other participants in a smaller gallery view.


Zoom is making it easier to share content simultaneously while in a meeting. Participants can share their own screen or app window and Zoom Whiteboards at the same time, participants see each shared content as individual tabs within the meeting window.

Meeting Wallpapers

Zoom will be introducing Meeting Wallpapers, which allow meeting hosts and co-hosts to customize their meeting view by adding more color and customization options. With this feature, the meeting’s host or co-host can choose a wallpaper background provided by their account admins or from a preset selection provided by Zoom. Once a selection is made, the users can also adjust the blending levels between participant videos and the wallpaper image.

Please review Zoom’s update information page to learn how to update Zoom to the latest version. If you need assistance or have questions about Zoom, please visit our Zoom information page or email us at servicedesk@chapman.edu.


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