We are excited to announce the implementation of two innovative GenAI-powered features within Zoom starting May 6, 2024, namely, Meeting Summary and Smart Recording, in our institution’s communication infrastructure. These integrations exemplify our commitment to embracing technological advancements to foster enhanced collaboration and efficiency.

The Role of Meeting Summary in Enhancing Information Retention

The Meeting Summary function represents a paradigm shift in how meeting content is consumed and reviewed. Utilizing advanced GenAI, this feature generates concise summaries of meetings, capturing essential discussions, decisions, and follow-up actions. It addresses the common challenge of disseminating meeting outcomes to stakeholders, ensuring equitable access to information regardless of direct participation. By streamlining the information review process, the Meeting Summary feature can significantly improve collaborative practices.

Smart Recording: Rethinking Meeting Documentation

The Smart Recording feature redefines the traditional approach to meeting recordings. Through the application of GenAI, it intelligently segments recordings into thematic sections, facilitating targeted access to specific discussion points. This capability optimizes the time spent reviewing recorded content and enhances the utility of recordings as a reference tool. In doing so, Smart Recording supports a more efficient retrieval of information, thus augmenting the decision-making process by providing timely access to relevant meeting insights.

How to get started

To enable these features, log in to your Chapman University Zoom account at https://Chapman.zoom.us/ and click Settings. You will find the new AI Companion settings at the top of the page. You can enable these features, as noted in the image below.

Please check out the following Zoom articles to learn how to use each feature: 

Important Note: Summaries generated by AI Companion and Smart Recording may contain errors in fact, tone, or intent. The meeting host should not release these summaries or recordings without reviewing and correcting the content. 


Thank you,

Chapman University Information Systems & Technology Team (IS&T)