This year’s
Chapman Family Homecoming Celebration
promises to be an action-packed weekend, full of activities that help connect the entire Chapman community—and the Leatherby Libraries are no exception to that rule. The library is hosting several educational and entertaining events this year. Whatever your place in the Chapman Family—students, alumni, friends or community members—we encourage you to check out what the Leatherby Libraries have to offer.


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Faculty Master Class

On Friday, explore the mystery, history, and controversy of the Mayans. Most Mayan texts were destroyed during colonization, and only a few fragments of the texts remain. Jessica Bower, librarian at the Leatherby Libraries, will discuss her research on these mysterious texts, using visual examples from the library’s collection. Come learn more about the Mayan texts –and see them for yourself.



Dialogue with the Dean

Later that day, Dean Charlene Baldwin will be speaking about “How Special Collections support student research and learning.” In The Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections & Archives, students have a chance to interact with history and scholarship at a more immediate level by looking at original documents and artifacts from the past. At Dean Baldwin’s talk, you’ll get the chance to see and handle some of the library’s most unique treasures—including ancient illuminated manuscripts and Dr. Vernon Smith’s Nobel Prize. (This event is co-sponsored by the
Charles C. Chapman Heritage Society


Book Sale

The fun continues on Saturday, October 11, with the library’s inaugural Homecoming Book Sale. The library will have a table on the Piazza all day selling gently used books. These aren’t just academic or scholarly works, either—books for sale include bestselling fiction, cookbooks, travel guides, and more. Best of all, all books are only $1 each! Stop by on your way back from the Chapman 5K or on your way to the Chili Cook-Off and check our collection out.



Book Signing: Damn Californians

At the book sale booth, Chapman alumnus Dick Immel will be selling copies of his memoir,
Damn Californians: A Family’s Great Escape.
In this book, Immel tells the story of his family’s move from California to Maine to get back to their roots and live the “simple life”—a goal that turns out to be more difficult than any of them imagined. Purchase a copy of
Damn Californians
and get it signed by the author himself. Dick Immel will be signing at the book sale booth on the Attallah Piazza.

Between events, the library is hosting an open house all weekend long. Come explore the arts and treasures of the beautiful Leatherby Libraries, meet some of the staff and librarians, and learn more about the many programs, awards, benefits and services offered to Chapman University graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, faculty and community members. A self-guided tour of the arts and displays of the Leatherby Libraries will be available. Both the Frank Mt. Pleasant Library of Special Collections & Archives Library and the Sala and Aron Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library will be open on Saturday October 11th for the Campus Open House from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Register for these events today Full Schedule of Events