As Chapman University Digital Commons nears its six-month anniversary, we’ve got a new way to celebrate its over 5,000 faculty papers, student posters, and Special Collections images and files: with the new readership map! At the bottom of the Digital Commons homepage, there’s now a live map of the Earth that tracks and displays what is being viewed and downloaded in real time.

Now we can see not only when local users access our plethora of treasures inside Digital Commons, but also when someone in Israel or Nigeria reads an article by one of our faculty members, when someone in Texas or China looks at one of our historical photographs, or when someone in France or Australia peruses Chapman student research (all of which happened during the writing of this post!). It’s a fantastic and dynamic way to see the impact that Chapman’s scholarly and creative output is not only having on our own students, but on users around the

If you haven’t ever browsed through Chapman University Digital Commons, our home for the scholarship, publications, archives, and creative expression of Chapman University’s faculty, students, and staff, we invite you to do so today!

Including your own work is simple, too—just contact the Leatherby Libraries’ Coordinator of Scholarly Communications & Electronic Resources, Kristin Laughtin-Dunker, at to get started.