The Leatherby Libraries have introduced two new moveable whiteboards into the study spaces on the first floor, located on the 1
floor between the Reference Desk and Serials. They are available for use on a first come, first served basis – there is no need to ask the Circulation or Reference desks for permission to use them. If visitors need dry erase markers, we have kits available for three hour check out at the Circulation Desk.

“We’re excited to bring mobile whiteboards to the first floor of the library,” says Carolyn Radcliff, chair of the Leatherby Libraries’ Public Services Division. “Whiteboards can help a group brainstorm ideas about projects, work collaboratively to solve equations, diagram complex solutions, or just express ones thoughts. We thought it was important to add a visual workspace to this area of the library and we’ll be very interested to see how students use the whiteboards.”

Eddie Sauceda, Head of Circulation, adds: “We are transitioning that space in the library and we want to encourage students to work in a collaborative manner. Providing the mobile dry erase boards allows students to quickly form a study group at any of the seating areas. We want students to know that they don’t have to be quiet while working in this area.”

Ease the load of your next group project and utilize these new whiteboards!

Two chairs and a table in a library.

Two bathroom doors.