Digital Commons links in PubMed

Chapman University Digital Commons is now participating in PubMed’s LinkOut service! Through this service, PubMed will link to free, full-text articles in Chapman University Digital Commons, either through an icon in the top right “Full text links” section:

or through the expandable “LinkOut – more resources” menu at the bottom of the PubMed record:

Through this program, users searching PubMed will be directed to Chapman University Digital Commons to obtain open access versions of articles authored by our faculty. Thus far, links to 235 articles in Chapman University Digital Commons have been added to PubMed, many of which had not been freely available through PubMed before. Not only does the LinkOut program add another venue for discovery of the works of Chapman faculty in Digital Commons, but it provides a valuable public service by making this important research free to find and read.

To view the full list of articles in the LinkOut program on PubMed, please follow this link. More links will be added as older works come out of embargo and new works are authored and added to the Digital Commons.



Usage continues to soar, and Chapman University Digital Commons has recently passed 300,000 cumulative downloads!


Library student research and book collection award winners posted

Winners of the Kevin and Tam Ross Undergraduate Research Prize and the John and Margaret Class Student Book Collection Contest have recently been posted. Congratulations to all the winners!

And please continue to check out all of the other opportunities available for undergraduate students to share their research through the Digital Commons, which helps them begin to establish their scholarly record by providing a stable URL, monthly usage statistics, and an easy way to point out their outstanding work to future employers or graduate programs.



Thank you, as always, for contributing to all the great examples of Chapman research and creative work in Chapman University Digital Commons. As we add more quality content like yours, our reach keeps growing. Please continue to spread the word, and remember to send any new publications, data sets, teaching materials, or other content to the Coordinator of Scholarly Communication and Electronic Resources, Kristin Laughtin-Dunker, at