For many people, summer is a time to take time off and enjoy themselves before the fall. When I think of summer, a few things come to mind: the beach, the sun, sleep, and travel. I have always been fortunate enough to travel over the summer, whether it be traveling to a different parts of California or making my way up north to Washington. For the summer 2018 display, I thought it would be perfect to do a display featuring some fascinating travel destinations throughout the world.

I wanted a diverse list of areas outside of the United States as well, so I made sure to find books on amazing places from each continent. Books from North America range from the beautiful land of Mexico and the hustling City of New York. Locations in Africa include the historical wonderland of Egypt, the savanna filled lands of Southern Africa, western Africa and Ghana, and the tallest peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

For South America I included books on the sprawling rain forests of Brazil and the history of Peru.

Europe is filled with famous destinations such as London, Paris, Spain, Athens, Milan, the Chapman study abroad location of Prague, and the home of the 2018 World Cup, in Russia.

Heading east of Europe, we encounter India and the world wonder, the Taj Mahal. I also included books on China, Japan and Southeast Asia. Rounding off the list is the vast land of Australia, the tropical island paradise of Hawaii, and the Pacific Islands.

The display is located on the first floor of Leatherby Libraries in between the reference desk and circulation, so feel free to stop by anytime and check it out! All of the locations featured in the display are places that are truly one of a kind. May they provide inspiration for your next vacation!

Click here for the full Travel Destinations Bibliography.