Dear Schmid Faculty,

When the final weeks of our last undergraduate semester moved online, many of us seniors were disheartened, not knowing when the next time we would see the Schmid faculty in-person. Although, yes, we see our current professors virtually every week, it is not the same. We cannot say hello to our freshman biology professor walking down the halls of Keck, walk by Dr. RG having office hours on the second-floor whiteboards, or hear Dr. Ogba’s laugh all the way across Keck. With the uncertainty of when graduation will be held, I knew I had to think of some way to thank you all for everything you have done for us in the meantime. With the help of Sarah Buckley on the coordination side, the graduating Schmid class on the videography side, and myself editing, we made a thank you video to all of the Schmid Faculty. We wanted to express our deepest appreciation and thank you all for the incredible impact they have not only had on our educational and academic experience but also on our life as a whole. The collaborative and uplifting environment that you foster has been a crucial part of our success. Many of us have gained irreplaceable lifelong mentors out of our time here. You have not only taught us about the central dogma or organic chemistry mechanisms, but you have taught us how to be lifelong learners and how to think critically. We are so lucky to have such fantastic role models to look up to. I could go on and on about how amazing all of are, but what I think would be more impactful is if you heard it from the rest of my graduating class as well. Please enjoy.

With love,

Lindsay Zumwalt and the Class of 2020