I hope you found last week’s article Engaging on LinkedIn for STEM Students” helpful and that you practiced engaging with companies or made your own insightful “share” to the LinkedIn world.

In order to continue engagement and to expand your network on LinkedIn, you have to make sure you are broadening your audience as much as possible. Below are some tips for you to optimize your LinkedIn search so that you are connecting with the right people in your areas of interest.

Search Tips

  • Professional Organizations. Find professional organizations, companies, etc. that are relevant to your career goals or professional identity. This could be advocacy groups, industry-related groups, and so many more. Again, stay engaged here by commenting and sharing useful information. You never know who will be listening and be impressed by what you share!


  • Company Recruiters/Industry Specialists. Just applied to a job, or considering doing so? See if you can find the recruiter who will be looking at your application and see if they have some tips for you. Maybe you can find the person in your dream job and ask some questions about the position as well. Who knows, maybe they will put in a good word for you. Also, remember they are now your audience and are able to see and engage with what you post—so start posting!


  • Alumni Tool. You can reach out to alumni from Chapman, and Schmid specifically, by looking up Chapman’s LinkedIn page and clicking on “alumni” on the left-hand side. Narrow it down by your major and scroll down to see what our Schmid alumni are up to. You can simply add them and send a note saying you want to connect as a fellow panther, or you can go further and ask to interview them about their own career journey. Now they will see your posts and you will see theirs; again, make sure you start commenting and sharing with them. Also, be sure to join the Schmid College of Science and Technology group on LinkedIn.

Screenshot of Chapman LinkedIn Page


I hope you have found these tips and tools helpful for your networking. While you may not be looking for a job or internship now, it is crucial to start these processes. Finding a job/internship does not happen overnight, and neither does building your network. So start with these tactics and you might be surprised where it will take you!